Sail trim: Uniquely illustrated sail trim & rig tuning book for both cruising and racing yachtsmen. A Dededekam Design Sailing book


Illustrated Sail & Rig Tuning
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Sail trim and rig tuning made easy! Both for experts and novices. In this new book I have tried to distil those rules of thumb and theories pertaining to sail trim and rig tuning commonly agreed upon among the sailing community. What makes this new book on sail trim and rig tuning different from most other books on the topic, is the short, concentrated text with adjacent corresponding illustrations. 80 pages with more than 150 particularly descriptive colour illustrations giving an interesting, easily accessible introduction to the art of trimming sails and rig. The aim is to make it easier to find, understand and last but not least remember the information that you are seeking pertaining to sail trim and rig tuning.

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Fernhurst catalogues in flip-book format:

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Genoa trim & Main sail trim Trimming the Spinnaker Rig tuning
Bullet Aerodynamics
Bullet Apparent Wind
Bullet Points of Sailing
Bullet Sail trim: Shape
Bullet Sail trim: Trim Devices
Bullet Sailtrim: Jib trim
Bullet Sail trim: Genoa trim
Bullet Stability
Bullet Balance
Bullet Sail trim: Mainsail trim
Bullet The interaction of the sails
Bullet Reaching and running
Bullet Sail trim examples
Bullet Reefing the main
Bullet Types of spinnakers
Bullet Preparing the spinnaker set
Bullet Hoisting the spinnaker
Bullet Spinnaker pole angle
Bullet Spinnaker pole height
Bullet Spinnaker depth
Bullet Running
Bullet Reaching
Bullet Broach
Bullet Steering in heavy airs
Bullet Gybing the spinnaker
Bullet End to end gybe
Bullet Two-pole gybe
Bullet Dip pole gybe
Bullet Taking down the spinnaker
Bullet The Gennaker
Bullet Rig types
Bullet Athwartship tuning
Bullet Fore and aft tuning
Bullet Backstay tension
Bullet Tensioning wire and rod
Bullet Tensioning the cap shrouds
Bullet Pre-bending the mast
Bullet Keel stepped masts
Bullet Maximum mast bend
Bullet The fractional rig
Bullet Tuning under sail
Bullet End to end gybe
Bullet Straighten the mast sideways
Bullet Rigs with multiple spreaders
Bullet Rig tuning diagrams
Bullet Why pre-tension?
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